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At Arizona Pain Treatment Centers we utilize a multi-specialty approach to treat spine, nerve and pain related symptoms. We offer a combination of cutting-edge pain-relieving procedures and medication management. Our team will design an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.


What is a Discography?

To determine the disc’s contribution to pain, our physicians may perform a discography.​ During a discography procedure, a needle is inserted into the center of the intervertebral disc from the back. ​A special dye is then injected into the disc, making the disc clearly visible on x-ray film, called a discogram.

Pressure created by the injection is used to determine if the tested disc is truly contributing to the pain.​ Our pain doctors will view the entire procedure on a fluoroscopic screen and assess the internal structure of the discs.Upon completion of the discogram, our physicians will be able to recommend a course of treatment.

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8805 N 23rd Ave., #120 Phoenix, AZ 85021
23rd Ave. and Dunlap Rd.

Clinic Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 7am-5pm


4860 E. Baseline Rd., #103
Mesa, AZ 85206
Pierpont Dr. and Baseline Rd. 

Clinic Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 7am-5pm


1301 E McDowell Rd., #100
Phoenix, AZ 85006
13th St. and McDowell Rd.

Clinic Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 7am-5pm


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Our staff is happy to answer any questions and assist you in achieving the pain-free life you deserve.

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Azmi N. Nasser, D.O.

Medical Director

Arash Ghaffari, M.D.


Amelia Campbell, NP-BC

Nurse Practitioner

Avi Mallin, MSPAS, PA-C

Physician Assistant

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