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At Arizona Pain Treatment Centers we utilize a multi-specialty approach to treat spine, nerve and pain related symptoms. We offer a combination of cutting-edge pain-relieving procedures and medication management. Our team will design an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Sprint PNS System

Life. Get Back to It.

Get pain relief without a permanent implant, ongoing treatments or opioids. The PNS System is a minimally-invasive treatment option that helps you get back to the activities you’ve missed most – without the worry of addiction or nerve damage.

  • Short-term, 60-day treatment
  • No permanent implant
  • Minimally-invasive and drug-free

Wearable, controllable technology.

A breakthrough technology to treat chronic pain, the SPRINT System sends mild electrical pulses directly to the nerves, which can reduce pain signals. The level of stimulation is easily controlled with a hand-held remote to comfortably provide pain relief.

“As soon as the device was turned on the pain went away immediately…I didn’t need the wheelchair anymore. In fact, I don’t use a cane or walker or wheelchair now. I’m even driving again.”“I feel good. I’m smiling again!”— Moreyna (knee pain patient)

72% of patients reported significant & sustained pain relief


Clinically proven.

The SPRINT PNS System has been studied extensively for low back pain, shoulder pain, post-amputation pain, and chronic and acute post-operative pain, and is cleared for use up to 60 days.


Ask us why the PNS System is the breakthrough treatment for chronic pain.

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Azmi N. Nasser, D.O.

Medical Director

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Physician Assistant

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