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Bulging Disc


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At Arizona Pain Treatment Centers we utilize a multi-specialty approach to treat spine, nerve and pain related symptoms. We offer a combination of cutting-edge pain-relieving procedures and medication management. Our team will design an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Bulging Disc

What is a Bulging Disc?

Quite simply put, a bulging disc is a bulge in the outer layer of a vertebral disc. A disc bulge happens when the outer shell of a spinal disc weakens to the point where pressure causes it to bulge. Not all disc bulges will actually cause symptoms. That only happens when the bulge rubs or touches nerves or surrounding structures.

A bulging disc in the neck or back should not be confused with a herniated disc. Although they may have similar symptoms a herniated disc happens when the inner material of the disc seeps through a crack in its outer shell

A bulging disc is usually a clear sign that there are problems in the surrounding areas of the spine. The problems may be caused by increased pressure being placed on the spinal disc, or by the disc weakening from degeneration. A bulging disc in the neck or back can be one of the causes of spinal stenosis, sciatica, or a pinched nerve.

Note from the Doctor:

“Bulging discs are a common condition that we treat at AZPTC. With our spine rehab team and injection medicine procedures, our success rate for healing and patient recovery is exciting.”

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