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At Arizona Pain Treatment Centers we utilize a multi-specialty approach to treat spine, nerve and pain related symptoms. We offer a combination of cutting-edge pain-relieving procedures and medication management. Our team will design an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.


Your brain has a story to tell!

WAVi can help diagnose concussions and traumatic brain injuries often related to auto accidents and sports injuries. 

It’s an EEG for your brain!


Testing Brain Function

The WAVi is an advanced, non-invasive method for testing brain function. We can now see a 360-degree view of your brain performance! This test is covered by most insurance carriers and can be verified before the testing is scheduled. 

With a simple headset and computer monitor we can find out the health of your brain almost instantly. This in-office test can be done in as little as 30 minutes; instead of waiting hours or sometimes days for results.

The process is quick and avoids non-invasive and uncomfortable tests. You are not required to go into tunnels, tubes, or tight spaces. ​With the utilization of our WAVi technology, data can be used to record a baseline of your brain health and over time measure how you can make improvements with lifestyle changes, supplements, and hormones recommended by your team of physicians. Taking charge of your brain health can lead to a future of answered questions and a roadmap for health and healing. ​


The follow conditions or symptoms can also be tested using the WAVi:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Concussions 

  • ADD

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Hearing impairments

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Pre-dementia

  • Pre-Alzheimer’s

  • Stress or sleep issues



WAVi is an all-in-one brain measurement platform which provides objective information about brain function. The WAVi system uses well-established evoked EEG technology to record electrical signatures of the brain, providing doctors, researchers and wellness experts with actionable, data-driven reports.

The patented WAVi® headset was developed over 10 years and refined by MOMO Design using Crocs-like material. They are comfortable, portable and extremely user-friendly. The corresponding WAVi software interprets the data acquired by the headset, distilling the information into actionable insights and meaningful reports. WAVi reports can be read and understood by both clinician and patient.



Heart rate variability provides measurements of the functioning of the autonomic nervous system.


EEG allows for the measurementof brain wave patterns.


Auditory ERP provides measures of cognitive response.


Trail making provides a measure of visual control and task switching.


WAVi collaborative data sharing creates a community working together to improve the brain. 


WAVi Research Reports can fit the needs of any practice or program interested in the brain.

Cognitive Evaluation

WAVi’s multi-faceted interface is ideal for tracking brain state changes. Coherence


Electroencephalography, or EEG, is the process of measuring the brain’s electrical activity through the scalp. The different frequencies of brain waves (alpha, beta, theta, delta) and their amplitudes are assessed. Cognitive


ERPEvoked Response Potential

WAVi utilizes event-related potentials, or ERPs, to make temporally accurate measurements of brain performance and reactiveness. ERPs are well researched markers and provide easy to interpret metrics that are invaluable to health practitioners interested in brain performance. Our platform features both auditory and visual ERPs.

Autonomic Nervous System

HRVHeart Rate Variability

Heart rate variability, or HRV, is an effective method for measuring the autonomic nervous system. Differences between WAVi’s Baseline HRV and HRV Tracking protocols correlate with cardiovascular adaptability. Cardiovascular adaptability and fitness can help manage stress and anxiety. 


ResearchWAVi Research collaborations are pioneering the future of machine learning in medicine. Headquartered out of Nobel Laureate Tom Cech’s Biofrontiers Institute at the University of Colorado, WAVi Research has created and analyzed data sets that include pre-symptom Alzheimer’s, a 6-year longitudinal concussion study on NCAA athletes, studies on hearing loss and mental function, correlations between heart and brain health, and the effects of interventions on brain performance, including the effects of ADHD medication. Recently, WAVi has been awarded an NIH grant to study acute pain and opioid abuse. WAVi also helps promote its clinicians through open research collaborations made available by the WAVi cloud application.

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