Chiropractic Physicians

Chiropractic Physicians


Our Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physicians and pain management team provide “excellence” in creating the support needed for YOU, the Chiropractic Physician. We are happy to offer patient consultations, seconds opinions and medical injury exams as well as provide additional treatment for your patient(s). We also accept medical liens, 3rd party insurance and work comp claims.

We have been serving our community, both doctors and patients, since 1997 and are focused on building great relationships and continued growth. We want your feedback and comments.

Note from the Doctor

Our “chiropractic-friendly” approach lets you and your patients know that we are an extension of your practice and work closely together. We are on YOUR team!

To Refer a Patient


Download DC SUPPORT Patient Referral Form and fax it to our office at 602-265-8151.
If you desire to discuss a particular patient before referring to us, please do not hesitate to call (602) 265-8800.


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“Our commitment”


We are committed to supporting our DC community.

We are happy to assist with your patients who have been involved in an auto accident, personal injury, or work injury as well as any patients who are experiencing a challenging recovery.

In many accident and injury cases, we provide the care to help determine medical necessity and encourage continuation of conservative patient care  and chiropractic treatments.

In a challenging recovery or when a patient is struggling to reach benchmarks and maximum mobility, our experience indicates that injection medicine procedures, in conjunction with your conservative care, help assist in patient comfort and overall healing potential. Our physicians will be happy to discuss the proper protocol and benefits of any interventional procedure while the patient is also treating under your care.

Note from the Doctor

We invite you to our office to observe an injection medicine procedure and feel confident in
Dr. Nasser’s, and Mr. Cody’s ability to co-treat with you.

Please call Calee Williams, Physician Representative, at 623-252-5029 to coordinate. Thank you!