Nerve Root Block

What is a Nerve Root Block?

A Nerve Root Block, also called Selective Nerve Root Block, is a procedure where a single nerve-root is injected with anesthetic and cortisone mixture and is both diagnostic and therapeutic.

The cortisone medicine injected also serves as a beneficial therapy, as it is an anti-inflammatory medication.

Immediate pain relief from the anesthetic that clinches the nerve’s involvement in causing pain is a good sign for accurate diagnosis. This helps to guide further therapy and determine the root source of the pain.

Spinal nerve compression whether due to disc protrusion or bony canal narrowing can produce symptoms of pain, numbness and weakness.

Collateral nerve innervation, referral pain and anatomical variations however can make diagnosis of specific nerve compression difficult especially when patients present with indistinct symptoms.

Note from the Doctor

Please ask our physicians and learn why a nerve root block in necessary in helping discover your pain generators.


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