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What’s a Facet Joint Injection?

Inflammation of the facet joints is one of the causes of this of neck and back pain. A facet joint injection is an injection procedure that can be both diagnostic(test) and therapeutic for neck and back pain.

Facet joint block injections can confirm whether the facets joints are indeed the source of pain and can help relieve the pain.

What is a Medial Branch Nerve?

Each facet joint gets its sensation from two nerves around the spine. The name of the nerves that supply the sensation to the joint is the medial branch. In order to stop the sensation to a single joint, each of these two nerves need to be anesthetized with local anesthesia.

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How Do I Know if the Facet Joint is the Cause of My Pain?

The symptoms of a problem with the facet joint include back pain and pain radiating down the leg as well as pain with twisting or bending of the back. These symptoms are very similar to those that occur with spinal stenosis, bulging or herniated discs and sciatica. Our doctors will examine you to determine whether the cause of your pain may be related to the facet joints. A CAT scan or MRI may be ordered to look more closely at these joints. Often we may suggest a simple diagnostic procedure, which involves placing a local anesthetic such as Novocaine in the joint or near the medial branches. If after the injection the pain disappears or lessens then the facet joint may be a cause of your pain.

How is Facet Joint Pain Treated?

Initially, conservative treatment is prescribed. This consists of rest, anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy. If this is not successful, an injection into the joint or medial branch nerves may help.

How is the Injection Done?

Once our team determines that you are a candidate for the injection, we will schedule your procedure. If you are taking any medications, such as blood pressure medications or blood thinners, you will need to discuss this with our doctor to determine whether or not to continue with them prior to the procedure. If you are diabetic, the doctor will need to know that as this injection may cause a rise in blood sugar several days after the procedure. The injection is usually quick, only several minutes for each side. The skin is numbed with a small amount of local anesthetic (lidocaine). Once the numbing medication is given, there is little or no pain during the injection. Although sedation is usually not necessary, a small amount of sedation can be given for an anxious patient. The needle is placed in the joint under X-ray and the medication is then given.

Note from the Doctor

As Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians, are extremely experienced in performing facet joint injections and will walk you through the process and spine rehab care.

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