Cancer Pain Management

Cancer Pain Management - Arizona Pain Treatment Centers

Yes, we treat Cancer Pain and offer Pain Management Treatments.

Do you or someone you love suffer with cancer pain? Our team at Arizona Pain Treatment Centers is compassionate and caring. Together, we strive to do everything possible to make patients and their families as comfortable as possible.

Our Pain Management Specialists offer supportive care medicine and various pain management services. We aim to help our patients deal with the physical stresses associated with cancer treatments.

• Interventional Pain Management

Our minimally invasive pain procedures deliver effective and potent analgesia in the treatment of chronic and acute pain. If we can relieve or reduce pain, improve function, minimize the need for narcotics, then we feel that we are doing a service for each patient by improving their quality of life.

• Oral Medication for Cancer Pain

Under the advice and supervision of our doctors, certain patients may benefit from oral pain medication. There are many pain medications indicated for the relief of pain associated with cancer and cancer treatments. As specialists, we work closely with each patient’s oncologist and primary care provider to offer the best care and most pain relief.
The next step is to schedule with our specialists and together, design a treatment plan that addresses all the needs and concerns of each patient, as well as their family members.

• Implantable ports

Our highly trained Interventional Radiologist can comfortably and safely implant ports often used to give chemotherapy or other medication to a patient with cancer. They are sometimes called portacaths or subcutaneous ports.

This procedure is performed in our out-patient surgery center and can usually be scheduled and placed in the same week; once orders are given from the oncologist.

It is important for our team to accommodate patients as soon as possible, eliminating the common lengthy waiting periods that hospitals and their specialists usually experience to perform this procedure. We are happy to take care of you now.


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