Patient’s Success Story from Back Pain with Endoscopic Rhizotomy

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pain reliefWhen it comes to being in pain, it can be a living nightmare. Getting help to ease the pain is sometimes the only goal. That’s the reason we love sharing success stories like this one from Arpad T., who found his happy ending with Arizona Pain Treatment Centers.

Arpad had been suffering from constant, never-ending pain for close to a decade when he heard about AZPTC: “My son Warren recommended you. He had injured his back at work, and you had treated him successfully.” As with any other service, it’s good to go in with a vote of confidence from someone you trust.

The Diagnosis
Aprad was suffering from low-back pain, specifically at I4, I5, and S1, as well as low-back arthritis.

The Treatment
Before Arpad started working with AZPTC, he had been taking pain pills to lesson his discomfort, but when he came to us, things changed. First, we tried epidural blocks, radiofrequency neurotomy (RFN), and physical therapy. Then Dr. Nasser recommended rhizotomy. As Arpad explains it, “I was ready to go the route of full-blown back surgery, but Dr. Nasser talked me out of it — and I’m so glad he did. The time needed to heal from surgery would have been so much longer, and I wouldn’t have had any guarantee that it world work. At least if I chose rhizotomy and that wasn’t effective, we still had another option.”

Arpad had RFN on his left side and began to feel relief within a week. Now, one and half years later, he still has no pain on his left side.

He and Dr. Nasser chose rhizotomy for his right side, and he had a minor setback when he injured his lumbar nerve a week after the procedure. But after a course of anti-inflammatory medication, the pain was gone, just another week later.

“I finally had NO back pain. That was an excellent outcome,” raves Arpad. “My disposition improved overnight. My friends couldn’t believe the happy old Arpad was back.”

Arpad shared that his only inconvenience is that he now has to be careful not to overstress his back, which is challenging since he has relief now after being in pain for so long. No doubt he wants to go do all that he’s been missing!

The Difference AZPTC Made
In thinking back to the morning before his first procedure at AZPTC, Arpad would have rated his pain pretty high, either a 9 or 10 on a 10-point scale. However, after the second procedure, within about two weeks, he was pain free. As he says, “I would say 100% success and 100% relief.”

Arpad added, “Your staff is the best throughout! They sincerely care about how I felt and are very compassionate. That applies to everyone I met, from the receptionist to the doctors and nurses. They explained the procedures in great detail and reassured me constantly, which went a long way since I was, understandably, nervous.”

If you’ve been suffering with pain, don’t wait another day to find relief. Arpad lived with his constant pain for almost 10 years, and then it was gone in a matter of weeks after his procedures. You could be the next AZPTC success story! Contact us at 602-254-6879 to get started.