Piriformis Syndrome

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What is Piriformis Syndrome?

The piriformis muscle is a small, band-like muscle located deep in the buttock. It attaches to the base of the spine at one end and the joint of the thigh bone (femur) at the other end. The piriformis muscle plays important roles in our lower body movement. It stabilizes the hip joint, and it enables us to walk, shift our weight from one foot to another, and maintain balance.

The sciatic nerve runs alongside or through the piriformis muscle. Piriformis syndrome refers to the symptoms that occur when the sciatic nerve is compressed by the piriformis muscle.

Similar to symptoms of sciatica or sciatic nerve pain, symptoms of piriformis syndrome also include pain that radiates along the sciatic nerve, as well as tingling or numbness in the buttocks.

Note from the Doctor

From Our Providers: Tightness and spasm of the piriformis muscle are the main causes of piriformis syndrome. Our specialized physical rehabilitation program address the tightness and provides treatment for the condition.

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