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Why do you have knee pain?

Some of the leading causes of knee pain can be caused by sport injuries, auto accidents and work injuries, mechanical problems, and certain types of arthritis. Our team of pain specialists at Arizona Pain Treatment Centers are confident in diagnosis the problem and treating the knee injury and/or arthritic joint pain with our treatment program.

What Our Patients are Saying:

My knees hurt so bad in the morning that I hated getting out of bed. Dr. Nasser suggested I try putting some lubrication in my knees and I am sure glad he did. It has helped me more than I thought it could. – Jack R.

Knee Pain Relief and Arthritis Program:

• Are your knees very stiff in the morning?
• Do your knees hurt when going up and down stairs?
• Do you have swelling or limited motion in your knees?
• Do you experience pain when running or working out?
• Have you been told you may need knee replacement surgery?
• Do you depend on NSAIDS to manage your knee pain without much success?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are eligible for our complimentary knee pain screening (Click Here).

The keys to our knee pain relief success at AZPTC include the use of a safe and all-natural *joint lubricant, often referred to as *Hyalgan®, *Synvisc-One® and *Orthovisc®. The process of injecting the lubricant is called a viscosupplementation and it acts as a shock absorber or “joint oil”. The natural substance is a hyaluronic acid which contains one of the natural building blocks of the synovial fluid that lubricates your knee.

This treatment is very effective for sports injuries and for athletes that love to run, bike, hike or participate in any sports that puts stress on the knees. It is also a great alternative to for people who are suffering from arthritis and would like to avoid knee replacement surgery. The viscosupplementation is covered by most insurances!

Arizona Pain Treatment Center Offer:

Dr. Nasser and our team uses ultra-sound guided imaging to see directly inside the joint which allows us place lubricant exactly where it is needed. Let us determine if this is the best treatment for you.

Arthritis Knee Pain Phoenix

With our Knee Pain Program (Click Here to Schedule a Free Screening) we coordinate a series of physical rehabilitation sessions and a detailed at home exercises to further restore knee function, strength and continued pain relief. We want our knee pain patients to feel better and do more!


What if you have Referred Knee Pain?

Referred knee pain may be the result of a herniated disc in the back, arthritis in the hip or even clots in the leg. It is important to distinguish pain that arises from knee pathology from other potential causes. Referred pain may also coexist with a problem in the knee. A pinched nerve for example may result in pain behind the knee and a torn piece of cartilage inside the may cause pain in the front of the knee. These two problems together can lead to pain that is felt all over the knee.

It is important for our Pain Specialists to accurately diagnosis knee pain and best determine the options appropriate to treat the pain.

We specialize in accurately diagnosis knee pain and determine the best options for treatment.

Note from the Doctor

Ask us about the treatments that our pain doctors recommend.

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