Disc Problems

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What is the Disc?

Your spine is made up of interlocking stacks of bone called vertebrae. Between each pair of vertebrae is a disc which cushions the bones so they will not grind together.

Like any cushion, the disc has a soft interior and a firm covering. The soft interior is a jelly-like pad called the nucleus.

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Dr. Azmi Nasser and his team spend time explaining disc pain and how it effects each patient. We want our patients to feel better and do more as soon as possible.

What Does a Disc Do?

Each disc absorbs shock as you move by compressing and deforming, much like the shock absorbers on a car. Discs allow your vertebrae to rock back and forth, giving you the flexibility to bend and more.

Some Common Disc Problems Include:


Disc degeneration

Disc Bulge

Herniated Disc

Extruded Disc

Compressed Disc

What Our Patients are Saying:

The entire staff is wonderful, friendly, welcoming, helpful, and exceeded my expectations. Dr. Nasser is the greatest doctor I have EVER come across. He listened to my concerns. He explained everything clearly so I could understand.

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